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High Temperature Dust Removal Technology Provides Technical Support for Hot Gas Treatment

Feb 17, 2020

The study on high temperature dust removal technology began in the 1970s. The United States Department of Energy developed the research and development plan of hot gas filtration and dust removal technology. Subsequently, Germany, Japan, Britain and other developed countries have also carried out relevant research. In the mid-1990s, hot gas filtration and dust removal technology have made great progress.

As the concerns on global air pollution increases and the establishment of dust and gas discharge standards becomes strict, the overall dust and gas pollution has been significantly improved. High temperature dust removal filters play an important role in the hot gas and dust control of cement, power, steel, waste incineration and other high pollution industries.

The reason why high temperature dust removal filter can effectively control high temperature gas to reach relevant standards and be discharged, the internal dust removal filter cartridge plays an important role. The high temperature dust removal process evolved from the early stage textile fiber dust removal filter bags to today's dust removal filter, Boegger follows the footsteps of high temperature dust removal process development.

A high temperature dust removal device used in the steel plant

For industrial dust removal equipment

On the market, the common organic fiber dust bag is light weight and low price. But it has poor high temperature resistance and is easily damaged. When a large amount of fume particles accumulate on the bag, it will be blocked easily and will be not easy to clean. Ceramic fiber has good high temperature and corrosion resistance, but poor ductility, easy to break when the temperature rises suddenly. Glass fiber has high strength, but poor breakage and wear resistance.

To overcome these problems, we begun to develop and produce metal hot gas filters with better thermal shock resistance and higher mechanical strength. The aperture consistency of the metal dust removal filter is better, the filter rating is higher, the dust content after filtering is less than 5 mg/Nm3, and the particle size of the intercepted dust is less than 0.1 μm.

While providing customers with high-quality metal hot gas filters, Boegger actively communicates with partners to summarize the problems encountered in the practical application of products, aiming to improve the quality of products. We can provide standard hot gas cleaning filters, strengthened hot gas cleaning filters and sintered felt filter bags.

Standard hot gas cleaning filter is a kind of filter bag made of metal powder by sintering into flexible metal powder sintered filter sheet, then cut into suitable size to fit for the cage bone, and welded to the cage bone. A metal ring is welded at the opening of the flexible metal membrane for installation and positioning. It operates at a maximum working temperature of 450 °C and Its filtration efficiency is 2 times of the bag filter under the same working conditions and resistance.

Strengthened hot gas cleaning filter features large flux, low resistance and fast filtration speed. It can reduce the chemical reaction of organic molecules, reduce the clogging and make the back flush or pulse dust removal much easier. It uses a cage skeleton as a supporting structure to increase its strength. The flange connection design ensures the sealing effect and prevents the leakage. It operates at a working temperature range of 450 °C to 650 °C and has the advantages of resisting high temperature vulcanization, oxidation, carbonization and chlorination.

Sintered felt filter bag is a porous filter bag for depth filtration. It is made of bundle metal fibers by sintering in high temperature and welding after special non-woven laying and stacking. The overall structure is supported by a metal skeleton. It can withstand up to 1000 °C high temperature in the filtration process. It has excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Standard hot gas cleaning filter

  • Strengthened hot gas cleaning filter

  • Sintered felt filter bag

Boegger will always provide our customers with high quality metal hot gas filters as well as installation, transportation services and one-stop solutions. To reasonably use the transportation space, in the metal hot gas filter structure design, we divide it into 3 sections for shipment and then the construction personnel assemble it on the field, thus reducing the footprint of the equipment.