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Wind Tunnel Screen Reduces Wind Tunnel Turbulence and Optimizes Air Flow

Jun 8, 2022

Wind tunnel can be deemed as a kind of tunnel that generates artificial air flow to study the aerodynamic effects of air flow when passing through objects. It is widely used in the design of cars, aircraft, missiles, high-speed trains, ships, and buildings.

In wind tunnel laboratories, a powerful fan device or a system with similar effect is usually used to generate air flow. In this process, rotary air flows are produced. To make the test results more precise, the airflow state during the experiment must be kept similar to the actual airflow state.

Wind tunnel screen plays an important role in stabilizing the airflow. Our newly developed wind tunnel screen (damping net), with a maximum width of up to 25 m and is suitable for simulating wind tunnels of all sizes, for example, wind tunnel for full-scale airplane and automobile testing.

An airplane model undergoes a wind tunnel test.
Working Principle

Wind tunnel screen is a kind of metal woven mesh used in wind tunnel laboratories. They are commonly placed in front of a fan device and can be arranged in multiple layers from coarse mesh to fine mesh to diffuse the rotating airflow caused by the fan and to distribute the airflow evenly.

Wind tunnel screen structure diagram
  • A maximum width of up to 25 m.
  • High air permeability, rigid, flexible and vibration-resistant
  • One-piece wire mesh construction, no welding or splicing joints to ensure the air flow evenly distributed throughout the entire surface.
  • Compared with common welded wind tunnel screens, our screens are especially finished after weaving to ensure its flatness and stability.
  • Several people are standing alongside the wind tunnel screen.

    Newly produced 21000 mm × 22200 mm wind tunnel screen

  • A wind tunnel screen is laid on the ground.

    Wind tunnel screen inspection

  • Wind tunnel screen is placed on the ground.

    Wind tunnel screen arrangement

  • Workers are installing the wind tunnel screen.

    Wind tunnel screen installation