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Patent for Wire Mesh Green Wall

Sep 14, 2020
The patent of wire mesh green wall facade.

Boegger got patent of wire mesh green wall on 14 Sep, 2020.

The facade is the external wall envelope of the building, which does not bear the weight, but hangs on the external wall like a curtain. Its decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings.

Although the existing facade design is beautiful, but rarely use green plants. In general, the existing green plant curtain wall structure is as follows.

  1. Direct use of climbers and other plants planted on the wall, which is difficult to replace in this way.
  2. Paving wall greening: the plane watering system, wall planting bag composite on a layer of 1.5mm thick high-strength waterproof membrane, forming a wall planting plane system. The installation is complicated, and the construction cost is high.

In order to solve these problems and let the green decorate our city, our company has successfully developed a type of facade model for urban three-dimensional greening through repeated design and experiments, which is easy to install, durable, heat insulation and temperature reduction.

The system consists of wire mesh, wire rope, central base and corner base. The wire mesh are fixed onto the wall as a growing skeleton using the wire rope, central base and corner base. It is easy to install, durable, heat-insulating and cooling, sustainable and beneficial to plant growth, and also has a certain sound insulation effect.

  • The plants is growing on the rope mesh wall.
  • The wall is covered with plants, which are climbing on the rope mesh.

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