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Our Social Responsibility – Law Compliance & Environment Protection

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Safeguard Workers' Rights & Interests

At BOEGGER, we attach great importance to and safeguard our workers' rights and interests. We always put people first and has implemented this principle into our daily operation and management.

  • Protect the health and safety of our employees;
  • Safeguard the legal rights and interest of our employees;
  • Eliminate any form of forced labor;
  • Eliminate differential discrimination in employment and occupation.
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Abide by Laws & Moral Norms

At BOEGGER, we are determined to uphold the dignity of the law and conduct our business in accordance with all legal and ethical norms. As a result, we never make commitments that exceed our capacity, honor all legally binding contracts and adhere to our code of business conduct to better protect our business, employees and partners.

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Exceed Traditional Enterprise Economic Concept

At BOEGEER, we go beyond the traditional concept of taking profits as the only goal we pursue. We actively assume our responsibility for social and economic development while creating profits for our company. We try our best to expand our market, integrate premium supply chain and reduce production costs and contribute to the rapid development of social economy.

Passing the sense of environmental protection to the next generation
Promote the Environmental and Sustainable Development

As for BOEGGER, sustainable development is not only a growing trend, but also practical actions that we do in our operation:

  • Save resources, including the use of energy, water and raw materials;
  • Minimize the waste and carbon dioxide emission generated in the process of production;
  • Focus on developing innovative technologies and advocate creating values with renewable resources.