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BOEGGER – Keep on Moving

BOEGGER, Always on the Move

With profound expertise, strong technical support and rich experience, BOEGGER turns weaving technology into endless new products and practical solutions that are widely used in industrial filtration & architectural decoration fields.

We continue to move forward, make innovations and grow stronger. We will employ a variety of manufacturing technologies, develop new products and meet harsh challenges to create a cleaner, healthier and better world for all human beings.

Efficient Filtration & Precise Sieving

BOEDON is specialized in the production of metal wire mesh for filtration & sieving and providing filtration & sieving solutions for many industrial sectors.

At BOEDON, we continue to introduce advanced production equipment, upgrade production equipment, develop new products and explore new applications. We strive to adapt to harsh industrial environments, embrace new filtration & sieving challenges and do our best to make the industrial production cleaner, healthier and safer.

For more information, please visit Boedon Industech Limited website.

Filtration & sieving products and their applications
Create Extraordinary Beauty of Architectural Decoration

ARGGER aims to weave infinite possibilities with simple woven wire mesh to break the conventional architectural art and make the ordinary extraordinary.

At ARGGER, we continue to explore new grounds and make innovations to bring more possibilities and aesthetic effects through the combination of different materials and processes. In addition, our products integrate both practical functions and great aesthetics to give full play the extraordinary charm of buildings vividly.

For more information, please visit Argger Creative Weave (Hengshui) Co.,

Different architectural mesh series and applications