Boxes marked with made in China are conveying on the conveyor.

Originate from Germany,
Made in China,
Serve Customers Worldwide


Rooted in CHINA and Operate Worldwide

BOEGGER follows the strict quality control in manufacturing originated from Germany, implements this concept in China during manufacturing and aims, Based on the convenience of Free trade in Singapore to serve the customers worldwide with what we made. Adhering to the concept of pursuing perfect quality, at BOEGGER, we have been specialized in the production and services of metal wire mesh field over the 21 years. Our rigorous and efficient quality control team keeps integrating premium industry manufacturers and works to provide our customers with professional, custom and optimal industry solutions. So far, we have established our business presence across many countries and regions and implemented our dream of let the world fall in with made in China with our practical actions.

Our engineer wearing a safety helmet and smiling.
Rapid Development

At BOEGGER, we always adhere to the Germany's rigorous attitude towards quality since its establishment. We have introduced state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and cutting-edge technologies and achieved the steady economic growth of our company and the rapid development of our capabilities. With the upgrade of our brand strategy, we have two famous brands, that is, BOEDON specialized in offering industrial filtration & screening solutions and ARGGER dedicated to providing architectural decoration solutions, aiming to deliver more considerate, professional industry services to our customers worldwide.

A column chart shows the rapid development of BOEGGER.
BOEDON – Focus on Industrial Filtration & Sieving

BOEDON specializes in industrial filtration & screening sectors and mainly supplies screening products, filtration products, high temperature dust removal products and tower fillers to provide reliable filtration support for solid, liquid and gas medium and realize highly efficient production while protecting key assets for our customers, thereby creating a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for all human beings.

ARGGER – Dedicated to Architectural Decoration

ARGGER has developed Muses, Athena, Apollo, Hephaistos, Triton and Astraios architectural mesh series and installation solutions to provide infinite design possibilities for architects, planners and designers and give full play to the extraordinary charm that architectural art brings to the mankind.

Exploration & Innovation

BOEGGER always seek to upgrade our product and technology and expand our service scope to meet our customers' practical application demands. We will insist on innovation, continue to break new grounds and strive to be an inclusive and unique company embodying globalization and diversification, pushing the further sustainable development of the whole human society.

Exploration & Innovation