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Boedon – Efficient Filter Material Supply & Solution Design

Boedon, specialized in providing filter materials, filter elements and integrated filtration solutions for chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, water treatment and other industries, aiming to maximize the lifespan of the equipment and improving the filtration efficiency. Our goal is to make the production more efficient and the environment cleaner through our every effort.

Small particles are passing through filter layers and large particles are blocked.
Filter Materials
Superior Filter Materials Ensure High Efficient Filtration

Only choosing the right filter material, perfect filtration effect can be achieved. Boedon supplies a variety of woven mesh, sintered mesh, sintered felt, sintered porous filter, knitted mesh and perforated metal filter materials to meet different filtration requirements of our customers.

Filter element materials are displayed.
Demister & Tower Packing
Demister & Tower Packing for Efficient Liquid-Gas Mass Transfer

Distillation column, washing tower and other packed towers are increasingly used in chemical production. In packed towers, tower packing is of great importance. Improper packing selection or failure will lead to a large number of pollutant discharge. If serious, it also results in shutdown and fines. Our unique demister pad and tower packing design increases the surface area, minimizes the pressure drop and improves the mass transfer efficiency.

A packed tower in the industrial production.
Hot Gas Filtration
Eliminate and remove polluted particles and discharge clean gas

Iron and steel, energy, non-ferrous metallurgy industries will produce a large number of hot gases containing dust particles during the production, if discharged into the air directly, it is bound to pollute the environment. So, hot gas filtration is essential to the environment protection. Our hot gas filter features excellent resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and not easily damaged, and has obvious advantages over other nonmetallic filters.

Hot gases are discharged into the air from plant chimneys.
Industrial Filtration
High Quality Filter Elements for Industrial Filtration

In the industrial production, it involves in many filtration links. Incomplete filtration in any link will affect the production of the next procedure and the operation of key equipment. As a result, choosing the right filter element becomes more important. Boedon offers a variety of filter elements to meet various filtration demands, including polymer filtration, fluid filtration, chemical filtration, edible oil filtration and other filtration.

A filter element filter liquid with impurities into clean.