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Patented Copper Alloy Netting Sewing Technology

Oct 12, 2020
A patent certificate issued by CNIPA about copper alloy netting sewing technology.

Boedon got utility model patent certificate of Copper Alloy Netting Sewing Technology.

With the increasing global demand of environmental protection, marine conservation and sustainable development, copper alloy fish cage has become an unstoppable alternative to traditional aquaculture netting. The new copper alloy fish cage has a higher hardness and tensile strength to withstand waves and high wind attack. Unique material contents can prevent microbial adhesion and inhibits bacterial growth. But there is a troublesome thing: The fish netting adopts spiral wires for connecting, which is easy to loose and breakage because of heavy weight and high wind, resulting in fish escape and predator invasion.

Therefore, in response to the above technical problems, Boegger aims to develop a new sewing technology that can not only improve the netting edge cracking, but also make the netting structure more sturdy.

After repeated trials, our company has developed a new sewing connection structure for metal netting: during the production of copper alloy netting, the netting edge wire is twisted and then pushed backwards and backhooked to the edge of the mesh holes of the two adjacent sides to form a interlocking structure, and straight wires are inserted into each locking mesh hole, Then, use the spiral wires to lock the two adjacent hooked netting and straight wires.

The details of sewing technology of copper alloy netting.

Details of copper alloy netting sewing technology.

The new sewing technology improves the structural system of the netting, make the netting safer and more reliable, reduce the phenomenon of netting edge breakage, thus reducing the frequency of underwater maintenance of the netting, saving manpower and material resources, further reducing maintenance costs for deep-sea aquaculture, and also reducing the phenomenon of fish escapes and invasion by foreign predators.

The Sewing technology obtained a utility model patent certificate issued by the state on October 9, 2020.

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