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Boedon got Demister Pads Patent

Oct 29, 2018
The patent of demister pads.

Boedon got patent of demister pads at 23 October, 2018.

The demister pad (wire mesh mist eliminator) is a type of tower packing that removes the mists (droplets) entrained in the gas and recovering expensive mist droplets (valuable materials) or purify the gas to reduce impurities in the gas.

Traditional demister pads are combined with several layers of mesh pads (metal material or non-metallic material). But the shape is not fixed due to its flexible property of material, resulting in gaps existence between two neighbour mesh pad, thereby reducing the effect of mist elimination.

Through continuous research and experimentation, Boegger has developed a new type of wire mesh mist eliminator, which includes upper and lower grilles and a wire mesh layer set between the upper and lower grilles. Two wire mesh mats are lapped together at the beginning and end.

The wire mesh layer structure adopted by the utility model, without changing the diameter of the mist eliminator, the density of the wire mesh pad and the pressure drop and other parameters, realizes the separation of the gas and liquid missed at the splicing gap again, greatly improves the mist elimination effect, improves the mist elimination efficiency and reduces the emission of harmful substances.

The patent was recognized by the state and a patent certificate was issued on 23 October 2018.We will continue to work hard to develop more practical products to improve the current situation of the industry, optimize the filtration process, improve the filtration efficiency and create more value for our customers.

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