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Bogger Got Certificate of Registration Issued by EUIPO

Dec 20, 2016
The Certificate of Registration issued by EUIPO.

Boegger certificate of Registration issued by EUIPO.

Made-in-China is famous all over the world. Chinese wire mesh is also well known to all walks of life around the world. However, the reviews of Chinese wire mesh are mixed, with varying prices and varying quality, leaving customers at a loss as to how to choose. This is why we create our brands.

We insist on producing branded products and using the quality to create brand value.

How to transfer brand products into brand value.

We understand the importance of brand, in order to prevent malicious competition and imitation, our company applied for registration of the Boegger trademark and was awarded the brand trademark certificate by the European Union on 14.12.2016.

We will continue to work hard to make Boegger occupy a greater brand influence in the field of industrial filtration and to create greater brand value.

Boegger, a China enterprise, is professional in wire mesh manufacturing and solution design for industrial filtration and architectural decoration. Contact to get your tailored solutions to your projects.