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Boegger Provides Various Filter Screes for Labs of Many World-Known Universities

Nov 23, 2021

Filter screen is used for the mechanical separation of solid and liquid or mixture of solid and gas. As the actual applications and the properties of materials to be filtered vary, so our customers have different requirements on filter screen materials and aperture sizes. Filter screen has a wide range of applications, including mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, construction, decoration, electronics, aerospace and other fields. One day, we received an email from a university, we realized that filter screen also can be found anywhere in university laboratories.

Details of various filter screens are displayed.

Various filter screen materials

Previously, our filter screen products were mostly sold to industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, mechanical manufacturing and other industries. These industries use filter screens of different models that comply with international or industry standards. We can produce filter screen products that meet relevant standards or customized products according to your requirements.

The filter screen products that we cooperate with universities differ from the products used in the aforesaid fields. These filter screens may be found in physics labs, chemical lab classes or microbial experiments. We redesign the product according to their requirements on filter rating, material and thickness. We have rich experience in filter screen development and are committed to providing our customers with best filter screens. After receiving their requirements, we communicated with universities about design plans with our professionalism, efficiency and inclusiveness, and then sent samples timely.

We further knew the development prospect of relevant scientific research projects while communicating with our customers. We are inspired and think about the potential development market of filter screens and expand the diversity of filter screens.

Recently, Boegger will continue to do research on filter screens. Our filter screens have involved in woven mesh, sintered mesh, sintered felt, knitted mesh cloth, perforated metal, etc. We have cooperated with many world-known universities since 2016. We continue to provide filter screen that meet laboratory requirements and unlock our news column.

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