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Our Chain Link Curtain in Chengdu W Hotels

Jun 25, 2020

The chain link curtain, the star product of Argger, is a popular choice for designers and builders because of its dynamic structure and colourful appearance. Argger has also demonstrated its strengths as a solution provider. It has helped many designers and builders to turn their ideas into classical projects. The W Hotel in Chengdu is one of these classical projects.

The symbol of Chengdu W hotel.

Chengdu W hotel symbol

Customer Background

In February this year, we received a call from the W Hotel in Chengdu, who wanted to design and decorate several locations in the hotel, but did not want to use traditional materials, and after browsing our website, they contacted us with some ideas:

  • Rejecting the traditional reinforced concrete structure
  • Not wanting heavy plate-like materials
  • Easy to construct and easy to install
  • Easy to maintain, no need for frequent maintenance.
  • Fit well with the style of the hotel and enhance the class of the hotel.
Negotiation & Communication

After initial communication and a thorough understanding of the customer's requirements, we proposed the chain link curtain to fully meet the client's needs. We showed our products to the customer and introduced the advantages of our products in detail, and also showed some of our classic cases for the customer, so that the customer has a strong interest in the product.

However, as the customer did not know much about this product, he had some concerns about using the new material.

We reintroduced to the customer about our Argger company and its brand value. Argger is a one-stop solution provider of architectural and decorative meshes, which can provide design, production, installation and maintenance , as opposed to the usual material suppliers, to eliminate all customers' worries.

Thus, we gained the trust of our customers and signed a contract with them.

Design, Production & Construction

Once we identified the ceiling, lamp decoration and curtain wall applications that our clients required, our designers and engineers arrived the site to carry out a survey. After obtaining the accurate data, we carried out drawings at the first time and repeated negotiations on the details.

The production of the chain link curtain began after the drawings were finalized. We are rigour with our every products and customers, so every step of the process, from the selection of materials, to production, to testing and package, is carried out in strict accordance with the QC standard.

In this way, after three months, our chain link curtain and all installation accessories were ready.

Our engineers, together with the installation team, arrived on site at the first opportunity with the materials and installation tools and, after a month's hard work, the installation of the chain link curtain was finally completed.


Let's enjoy the classical projects together

  • Chain link curtain ceiling in living room

  • Chain link curtain ceiling in living room

  • Chain link curtain lamp decoration

  • Chain link curtain in Hotel

  • Chain link curtain wall decoration

  • Chain link curtain in hall

  • Chain link curtain in hall

  • Chain link curtain in hall

  • Chain link curtain and accessory material arrived at site.

  • Installation site of chain link curtain ceiling

  • Chain link curtain construction site.

  • Chain link curtain construction site.

  • Chain link curtain construction site.

  • lamp decoration chain link curtain construction site.

  • construction site of Chengdu W hotel hall.

  • construction site of Chengdu W hotel hall.


We are amazing after we see the final effect, we are satisfied with it very well. Not only the chain link curtain, also the professional and rigorous attitude. Argger is a reliable partner.


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