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Full Range of Technical Supports for Your Woven Wire Drapery Projects

Oct 18, 2022

Woven wire drapery, also known as architectural mesh, is made of stainless steel ropes and wires. Stainless steel ropes pass through stainless steel wires in a variety of ways, so woven wire draperies also come in a variety of types and are used in different places. This mesh is not easy to deform and has good corrosion resistant. Besides, it requires little maintenance and enjoy a long lifespan. In addition, it made of stainless steel ad has good reflectivity, thus making the building have a modern decoration style.

We have senior expert to give professional suggestions and supports ranging from design, production to installation. We can provide a full range of technical supports based on you specific project requirements.

Woven wire drapery structure details

Woven wire drapery details

Our design department can design a tailor-made system based on your requirements and a complete set of detailed drawing. Moreover, we can also give professional support on structural design and preliminary statics calculations.

Every project has its own visual and technical requirements. We will inspect them together with you and help you select the right architectural mesh including an appropriate installation solution. In certain cases, new wire mesh developments are also possible.

The application effect of woven wire drapery facade

Woven wire drapery application

To ensure the woven wire drapery is perfectly installed in the building project technically and visually, using the right installation methods become very important.

We have rich installation experience, extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We can provide detailed installation steps and standard fasteners as required for different installation scenes to help you know how to use our product better.

  • Flats with clevis are used for facade installation.

    Flats with clevis for facade installation

  • Extend loops & eyebolts are used for facade installation diagram

    Eyebolt for facade installation