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Media Metal Mesh – Perfect Combination of Wire Mesh and Modern Electronic Technology

Nov 17, 2022

Currently, traditional LED display is generally fixed with steel studs. As a result, it features large space occupation, complex structure, increased weight load and higher costs. Besides, the display screen cannot perfectly integrate with the building in the closed state. Additionally, traditional wire mesh only has limited functions. It only plays the role of decoration and protection, and cannot be used as a display.

Therefore, Boegger launched media metal mesh to solve this problem.

Media metal mesh installed on the building facade.
R&D Process

Combining the market and actual demands, our technicians begun to develop a new product that can perfectly combine traditional wire meh with LED media screen.

Our technicians adopt traditional architectural mesh equipped with LED lamps. They installed LED lamps at the back of the wire mesh and connected with a power supply. They overlapped and made the cables on the back side-by-side to ensure the overall facade appearance is uniform and the pixel spacing between LED lamps is 3.75 mm. The recommended distance of watching the media metal mesh is 40–60 m.

Media metal mesh installed on the building facade.
  • It has the features of metal wire mesh facade and meets the specific day lighting and ventilation requirements. Moreover, it makes the appearance of the overall building facade uniform and displays different visual effects from different angles.
  • It separates power supply, controller from light emitting materials, and does not need to build a special thermal dissipation system like traditional LED displays.
  • It has excellent see-through effects, so that the image on the screen overlaps the real scene behind, creating a visual feast that combines virtuality and reality and seems both real and imaginary.
The detailed structure of media metal mesh

Media metal mesh structure

Using media metal mesh as building facade makes that facade have a special character. The media metal mesh not only perfectly combines the design with actual application, but also has the function of LED display, so that it can be used for both building facade decoration and media publicity. Besides, media metal mesh design also highlights the sense of technology of the building.