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Decorative Architectural Meshes in Frankfurt Airport

Aug 18, 2010

Argger aims to turn the designers' and architects' ideas into reality. Here we'd like to introduce the project of Argger architectural mesh Athena series applied in German Frankfurt Airport.

A panorama image of Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt airport

Customer Background

Frankfurt Airport is located in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany. It is one of the most sightseeing airport in Europe and its modern architectural style that integrates the surrounding natural environment attracts travelers from all over the world. One day, we received an email from Frankfurt Airport Construction Department. They reviewed our website and were impressed by our concept and expertise. So, they sent us an email and hoped to cooperate with them. They had the following requirements.

  • Conceal the exposed circuits and switches.
  • Combine with daylight and light to create various light ad shadow effects.
  • Have good light transmission and ventilation performance.
  • Add a hazy feeling to the building.
Negotiation & Communication

After communicating with each other about the building use and design effect, we sent some examples matching with the airport architectural style and let them get familiar with our product colors and details. Finally, they decided to use Athena-2020D architectural mesh as the facade on both sides of the airport escalator and exit passageway. For their concerns about accessories and installation, we promised to provide one-stop service to help them solve these problems.

A detailed photo of architectural meshes.

Athena-2026D architectural mesh

Design, Production & Construction

After determining the product they need, our designer begun to draw design drawings, communicate with our customers and then finalize design details. After confirming the drawings, we arranged our factory to produce these products and custom installation parts. When the product production was completed and sent to the construction site, construction personnel arrived the construction site and started the installation. The whole project took 2 months.

  • Athena-2026D for escalator

  • Athena-2026D for passageway


We were satisfied with the final decoration effect! Argger had extensive expertise and architectural aesthetics, and helped us find the product exactly we were looking for. Besides, they had good quality control and emphasized product details. Argger is a trustworthy partner.