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Cable Metal Mesh Used for Singapore Changi Airport Ceilings

Aug 9, 2008

Boegger aims to be a one-stop architectural mesh solution provider. Here we'd like to introduce our project of Singapore Changi Airport using cable metal mesh as ceilings.

A photo of the Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport

Customer Background

Singapore Changi Airport is a major international airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. Our staff received an email from Singapore Changi Airport Construction Department and asked if we can provide customized cable metal mesh. We replied yes and received their requirements on cable metal mesh.

  • Conceal the exposed circuits on the ceiling and play the role of protection.
  • Leave the space for lamps.
  • Match with the airport design style and reserve the original ceiling radian.
  • Enhance the sense of hierarchy and sense of design
Negotiation & Communication

Through preliminary communication, we fully knew their demands, and finally we recommended cable metal mesh. It is decorative, durable and can be customized and bent based on the radian of the building surface. So that it conceals the circuit on the ceiling while maintaining its original radian. We introduced detailed successful cases to help them have a full understanding of this product and make them free from worries.

A picture of cable metal mesh used in Singapore Changi Airport

Cable metal mesh

Design, Production & Construction

After confirming the products used, our designer conducted field investigation to make the design drawing perfect, and confirmed the design details.

As the product will bend under the influence of the gravity and leads to the product length needed will be greater than the length marked on the drawing. So we reserved excessive length based on the allowable tolerances to facilitate construction personnel to adjust the product length according to the actual conditions. The whole project took about 3 months.

  • Cable metal mesh ceiling installation

  • Cable metal mesh ceiling installation


The cable metal mesh Boegger provided had good adaptability and finally presented an amazing effect! We're glad to cooperate with a such professional team. Looking forward for next cooperation!