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Copper Alloy Fish Cage Got Patent Issued by CNIPA

Jun 8, 2020
The patent certificate of metal copper alloy fish cage.

Boegger got patent certificate of copper alloy fish cage issued by CNIPA on June 9, 2020.

Traditional aquaculture netting is generally made of nylon or polyethylene netting, which is easy to breed bacteria and also easy to become a seedbed of microbiological appendage, so traditional netting needs frequent cleaning, about once two weeks on average, and cleaning is difficult and very labour-intensive.

If the surface is not cleaned in time, the size of the net holes is affected, the exchange rate between the water inside and outside the net is restricted and the excrement inside the cage cannot be released in time, thus forming a closed environment in the cage which should be open and circulating, the oxygen content of the water inside the cage decreases, bacteria breeds and the morbidity rate of fish increases, thus affecting the quality and yield of the culture.

In order to solve this problem, our company began continuous research, benefit from the nuclear power plant anti-fouling mesh, we realize we can choose copper alloy material as the raw material of the aquaculture cage, and then after a series of experiments and research, developed a hexagonal aquaculture fish cage made of copper alloy.

The new copper-alloy fish cage comprises a frame and a copper-alloy mesh cage. The frame comprises a frame bottom and a frame top, the copper-alloy mesh is made of multiple copper-alloy wires twisted into a hexagonal structure with hexagonal mesh holes and tied to frame bottom and frame top by steel wire ropes. The tops of the two adjacent cages are connected to each other by a tee and a connecting tube, and the tops of the two adjacent boxes are connected to each other by a lapboard to form an operating channel, and a float is fixed to the bottom of the operating channel.

This new aluminium alloy fish cage can improve the algae microbial adhesion problem, but also suitable for offshore mild fish farming, can greatly improve the culture environment and enhance fish production. This product was recognized by the State and a utility model patent certificate was issued on 5 June 2020.

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