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Chain Link Curtain Wall in 2021 Gucci Garden Archetypes Exhibition

May 19, 2021
A front picture of Gucci Garden pepto pink chain link curtain.

Garden Archetypes Exhibition chain link curtain

Customer Background

Gucci Shanghai organizer found Boegger by reviewing architectural decoration website and was attracted by our detailed and comprehensive product categories, hoping that we can give suggestions on how to make the exhibition entrance facade present the best visual effect.

They had the following requirements about the visual effect.

  • The color of the architectural decoration material must comply with the theme color.
  • The material shall not be heavy textured.
  • The material shall be convenient for construction and easy to install.
  • It must comply with Gucci brand style.
Negotiation & Communication

Our salesman had a detailed communication with the organizer and further knew their requirements on facade details. With rich experience, our designer recommended chain link curtain and introduced our successful project cases to help the organizer get familiar with the sag, oxidation resistance and customized color features of the chain link curtain, and make sure it can perfectly meet all requirements of the organizer.

The organizer was impressed by our serious working attitude and sincerity, and signed the project contract.

Boegger chain link curtain color card

Chain link curtain color card

Design, Production & Construction

To accurately present the theme color, font color and layout of the facade, we discussed and modified the design drawing with the organizer for many times.

We hoped the organizer can have accurately know the product color, so we sent and modified samples for three times and finally determined the product color.

Facing the approaching delivery time, we immediately arranged our factory to put into production after confirming the design drawing. To improve the efficiency and construction progress, we dispatched our truck to send the products to the construction site. It nearly took a month to finish this construction.


Our cooperation with Boegger went very well. They understood our harsh requirements on material color and ensured the color of the chain link curtain is perfectly produced. The whole project advanced smoothly and ensured the on-time beginning of the exhibition. Looking forward our next cooperation!