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Newly Developed Copper Alloy Mesh Got Patent By CNIPA

Apr 15, 2019
The patent certificate of copper alloy anti-fouling mesh.

Boegger got patent certificate of copper alloy anti-fouling mesh issued by CNIPA.

As the coastal marine ecology changes, nuclear power plants often experience blockage of water intakes by marine microorganisms and floating materials.

In order to effectively mitigate the impact of sea life outbreaks on the safety of cold sources in nuclear power plants. fouling interception devices are generally installed at the head of the intake.

The nylon nets currently in use are susceptible to corrosion and adhesion by sea life, and require extensive cleaning and repair every few months, resulting in high repair costs. The durability of the mesh cannot be guaranteed.

Our customers responded several times before and wanted to find a product with better corrosion protection and longer service life. After continuous efforts, we Boegger developed a new type of cold source anti-fouling mesh for nuclear power plants, which consists of a number of spiral wires cross-linked horizontally or vertically to form the mesh surface, and the two adjacent mesh are connected by a live ring. The cross-linked design makes the net surface is flexible and can be easily folded, transported and installed.

This invention is a cold source anti-fouling net for nuclear power plants with good anti-fouling properties, strong corrosion resistance, less adhesion and stable water permeability, and has been granted a utility model patent certificate issued by CNIPA on 12 April 2019.

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